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January 16th 2005

11:20:56 PM   Ernest

Hope things are going well, and check your other e-mail addresses for messages. Good Luck.

January 16th 2005

11:39:32 PM  Erika

Hi Daar, is all baie nuuskierig oor hou dit gaan en oor hoeveel ander mense daar is. Lekker trap.

January 17th 2005

02:24:03 AM  Jannie

 good luck en ons hou duimvas vir die bene! go for it!!

January 18th 2005
12:11:59 PM  Rouen

Go you good thing

January 18th 2005
12:17:40 PM  Tristan and Micah

Good luck aunty Leana

January 19th 2005
01:21:22 AM  David Johnston

Courage is not about competing or times taken, but having the courage to show up on the start line. All of us at West Coast AC are proud of you.

January 20th 2005
09:51:54 PM  Lois

Hi Leana
Sorry I missed you to wish you well. HAVE FUN!

January 20th 2005
10:22:41 PM  Janet

Leana Howzitt?? Heard about your extremely exciting challenge. Wow. Go Girl!! I'll be following you ALL THE WAY via your website. In some ways I'm green with envy, in others maybe not!!! I'd rather stick to the relatively "relaxed" activities like climbing high mountains!! GOOD LUCK and we'll see you back in Cape Town for a HUGE "mission accomplished" ******* Thinking of you with each + every pedal push!! Janet [Meridian]

January 23rd 2005
08:38:57 PM This is your CAPTAIN speaking

Hi Leana
Here's wishing you all the best for your amazing endevour from the whole of the West Coast Athletics Club. We will be watching your progress with much interest and support. Best wishes .... Terry Ireland (Club Captain)

January 24th 2005
04:16:36 AM Tony & Gill Hill , 35 Sandpiper.

Hi There,
We have been thinking of you a lot. 1st part is always the toughest until the routine is established. Keep going & enjoy every day - we envy you.

January 25th 2005
05:43:12 AM   Grant

Hi Leana
It sounds like you are having a great time there. Glad you are happy with the bike.

January 31st 2005
10:58:03 AM  Victor Barnard

Hi Leana
Enjoy the adventure! Take lots of pics! I'm also a member of both West coast and Meridian. Look forward to seeing you on runs and hikes on your return. I'll enjoy following your progress and adventures.

January 31st 2005
02:26:10 PM  David Pitt

All the very best. I know how hard it can be. I Hich Hiked the route in 1994.Enjoy the Stars and Camping. Africa Rules!
Meridan Hiking Club also Rules. Good Luck. Beat them all. Cheers David

February 1st 2005
03:15:51 AM  Val

Great to hear your news! Keep up the enthusiasm and keep heading south.

February 1st 2005
04:46:16 AM Erika Niemand

Hi Daar alles gaan nog goed hier. Daar was 'n artikel in the Argus oor jou vandag - "Table View sports nut cycling through Africa".

February 3rd 2005
11:46:36 AM Carol and Johann

Congrats ! You made the Argus - you might just be a celeb by the time you get back. Hope you are having fun ....

February 4th 2005
05:05:43 AM

Arthur Rijk , The Netherlands

Dear Leana,
I was a dutch participant of the 1st (section) and 2nd TDA edition. I wish you a lot of strenghth, success and fun! At this moment you're propabably hitting the dirty dessert of Sudan. Please greet Randy, Collin and all the dutchies on behalve of me. Arthur

February 6th 2005
11:53:18 PM

Woody Woodburne

Hi Leana, Keep those slicks turning! All the best, Woody

February 8th 2005
10:16:14 AM

Rouen and Karin, Micah and Tristan

Tristan: Sends lots of love and hope you will be back soon. I am playing cricket now and had a great birthday with 12 of my friends.
Micah: I love you lots and lots. More than jelly tots.
R&K: We think of you and hope you are well.

February 9th 2005
06:03:10 AM

Terry the Spinman

Hi Leana, I was so excited to see a South African doing this amaizing race - good luck! I will be following your progress. Remeber the words of Lance Armstrong "Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever" Vasbyt Girl

February 10th 2005
05:42:47 AM

Colleen + Duncan

Westcoast Athletic Club

Hi Leana, Read your diary, glad to see you are coping and having fun! Thinking of you all the way and our best wishes. Love Colleen + Duncan

February 10th 2005
07:50:12 AM

Lizel Oosthuizen Hi Leana, Hoop al die pyn en sweet sal beter word hoe nader jy aan Kaapstad kom!! Baie sterkte en geniet die Afrikascenery! Kan jy asb. vir Maartin v. Dalsen groete en my e-mail adres gee

February 15th 2005

02:35:57 AM

Terry Ireland West Coast Running Club Cape Town

Hey Lianna - The whole club is proud of your amazing efforts. Keep up the good work. Hope you didn't have to do too much extra work to catch up on the time(= Mileage) wasted exiting Egypt!! Good luck we are all thinking of you.
Your Captain ....Terry 

February 15th 2005
11:10:21 PM


Hey hey - ek is vreeslik bly ek kan vertel ek ken vir jou! ek lees jou 'diary' gereeld. Gaan baie goed met my (VET EN GELUKKIG) wind waai vreeslik in die kaap vandag, johan is oorsee en ek doen elke aand kwaad. gaan vannaand by cafe blouberg iets eet en gaan doppie op jou drink!! Lizzy

February 18th 2005
04:24:40 AM

Botha en Anria

Go for it. Ons dink aan jou.

February 19th 2005
07:01:06 AM

Pieter Lategan Stilbaai)

Lees jou dagboek met bewondering, wil n lang artikel oor jou ondervinding vir nuwe Sondagkoerant doen, ons verskyn 10 April "Die Wereld"

February 28th 2005
07:20:22 AM

Greg Pearce (and Mujaji)

Good going. Nearly home now. Keep those legs going round.

March 6th 2005
10:52:39 PM

Christoph v. Kalckreuth

Dear Leana,

we are so proud of you. you are looking strong. keep it up. POWER 3, 2, 1!
Christoph (Mujaji)

March 7th 2005
03:52:41 AM

Janet Fitt

Hi Leana

Have been avidly watching your progress + you're doing great. We at Meridian are all thinking of you. Keep those pedals turning + before you know it you'll see Table Mountain in the distance + home.
Janet TO


March 7th 2005
11:56:47 PM

Colleen + Duncan

Westcoast Athletic Club

Hi Leana
Shewee! I think what you have achieved so far is awesome. I cannot imagine doing what you have done so far. People back home are excited about doing the Argus and you are riding an Argus a day. All the best keep up the "spirit"
Love Colleen + Duncan

March 12th 2005
09:03:29 PM

Joe Kearsey

St. John's, Newfoundland Canada

Hello Leana!
You GO girl, great adventure and great ride. Enjoy and take good care. Please tell Dave Williams I say the same for him.
Joe Kearsey

March 17th 2005

04:31:55 AM

Beverley Havenga

Run Walk For Life Milnerton

Following your trip on the net. Get news from Amanada. Luv from all at the club. Keep up the good work.

March 22nd 2005
09:43:14 AM


Hi Leana
Glad you are feeling better. We at Meridian are all rooting for you. How are you doing in the actual race?
There seems to be a huge shortage of photos on everybodies websites. Get the organsiers to post some pics.
Your reports are fantastic - I can feel the pain and am enjoying the pleasures.

March 29th 2005
05:21:54 AM

Russell Worthington

West Coast Athletic Club

Hi Leana,
Having just run 2 Oceans having felt that it was tough, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Sounds like fun though verrry tough. Happy Birthday for the 3rd and hope your fellow riders spoil you rotten.

March 30th 2005
01:39:27 PM

Fadeela Toefy

Mujaji Dragonboat Club  (

WOW!!! Just checked out your website and I am in awe!!! Not too sure if u remember me at Mujaji...the gal who always paddled with her lipstick on!! Well done and keep going!!!
Regards & best wishes till the end !!! Fadeela

March 31st 2005
02:13:03 AM

Janet, Tableview, CT

Hi again Leana
Just wanted to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for the 3rd. I hope you get nicely spoilt, get an extra beer or 2, a good leg massage + an "easier" day of peddling on Sunday! Meridians are still behind you all the way. See you VERY soon.
Ciao, Janet

March 31st 2005
03:03:00 AM

Val  (

Have a great day on the 3rd-we'll celebrate your success with you soon. Always looking forward to your news with great interest and enthusiasm!! Back at VS all is going well and we are so proud of your success, guts and determination! Keep on going south!

April 2nd 2005
07:59:43 PM

Terry Ireland  (

West Coast Athletics & Drinking club

Hi Leana
Hope you have a GREAT birthday and a wonderful year. Make sure everyone spoils you. We are all so proud of your amazing achievement. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see you in CAPE TOWN. From the whole of the West Coast MOB and your Captain - Terry Ireland.

April 4th 2005
11:56:56 PM

Trudy Hough  (

West Coast Running Club

Dear Leana, firstly a belated birthday wish hope you had a great one and were horribly spoilt. You're doing us proud back here in Cape Town. You go girl !!! Best regards, Trudy

April 4th 2005
11:58:59 PM

Colleen + Duncan  (

WestCoast Athletic Club

Happy birthday for the 3 rd, hope you managed a meal, cold beer and a shower. As these seem to be the ultimate luxuries right now. Keep up the cycling you are doing it!

April 11th 2005
01:03:28 PM

Terry Ireland  (

Cape Town - West Coast AC

Hi Leana, Just collected some friends from the Cape Epic - offroad ride (Knysna - Stellenbosch) About 900km's offroad in 8 days ..."hectic" They really "roughed" it... Their tents were pitched for them, hot showers, toilets, basins, areas to hose off their bikes after 105-120km stages. Hot food for dinner and breakfast (served to them)Hey huge respect for them..... but laughed when I showed them "your" trip and the 7000km total so far!! Pure shock and horror... having done 8 days they know some of what you are going through. Nick, Grant, Peter Eddie and Petrus all send best wishes and much respect to you. We are all in awe of your awesome spirit and amazing achievement. You go girl! So proud of you. Can't wait for you to get home.
Best wishes Terry and the Epic finishers

April 12th 2005
01:38:59 AM

Trudy & Graham  (

West Coast AC

Hi Leana,
Glad to see that you were spoilt on your birthday, keep up the hard work! We're thinking of you and enjoy the rest of this truly amazing experience. GO GIRL!!
Warmest wishes
Trudy and Graham Hough

April 18th 2005
11:40:17 PM

David & Kathy Johnston (

West Coast AC

Hang in there!. I believe you are still a member of the EFI team, and the only woman in that elite club.
Can't wait to have to back, sorry to tell you, but I think you gonna have to spend a evening at the club with slides etc, telling us about your exploits and unbelievable achivements.Everybody can't wait to talk to you about it.

Hopefully there will be a group of us to cycle in with you from up the West Coast somewhere. You go girl - enjoy your journey of a lifetime.

April 21st 2005
10:39:57 AM

Raymond & Ria  (Kilian S <>)

The Hood (Parklands)

!! C O N G R A D U L A T I O N S !!!
Ready for a hike when you get back!?
Must have some rather good campfire stories.... go with the O B's

May 1st 2005
11:19:14 AM

Pieter Lategan  (


Hi Leana Jy kry die ongelooflike reg. Ek sal kontak maak in Kaapstad vir jou storie.

May 4th 2005
09:12:54 AM

Bernd Leibenguth

UK now but a Joburger through and through

Hi Leana. Jy's 'n absolute inspirasie Ongelooflike prestasie.Ek sit hier in engeland en sien elke dag uit na jou updates op jou site. Sterkte vir die res van die race. WOW!

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May 15th 2005
06:44:53 AM

Terry Ireland

Cape Town - West Coast AC

It was so great to see you on the road, finishing the final leg of your epic journey.

See you soon
Love from all at West Coast AC.

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May 16th 2005
03:41:00 AM

Hubert van Dalsen

Thank you so much for your website on the tour! Congratulations with your great feat! I am Maarten's father. Best wishes!

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May 18th 2005
02:52:38 AM

Doug Erickson

St. Catharines Ontario Canada, 25 klms from Niagara Falls

I  have followed your progress and truely enjoyed your reports. You gave us a sense of the people on the tour and the ones you met along the way. I met a man from CT in Florida this winter and told him about your adventure. Congratulations.

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June 28th 2005
02:35:55 AM


Central Scotland - originally Cape Town

Have just read your diary! It was brilliant - I thoroughly enjoyed it! What an AMAZING accomplishment! Congradulations!!!

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March 18th 2006
08:47:17 PM


Poughkeepsie, New York USA

Just found your site. You and all of your fellow riders... are soooo cool! And maybe a little bit nuts? ;-) Honestly, wish I was of an age to be able to do such a trip.

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