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(810km - 17 days)



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11 July London – Budapest

Very interesting city with loads of old buildings, cobble streets and the mighty Danu River.



12 July Budapest

The land of the paprika and sausage.



13 July- Budapest – Esztergom - 80km

Perfect weather, lovely day, cycling along the Danu River.



14 July Esztergom – Győr – 95km

Through forests, fields of sunflowers and small villages.  Nice hot day.



15 July - Győr and surrounds – 8Okm

Decided to camp in the same place again and just cycle around the country.  Past many small villages, farm lands and more fields of sun flowers.



16 July - Győr – Papa - 59km

Decided to head for Lake Balaton.  Boiling hot day with a strong head wind.  Very very hard work.  A local Hungarian who speaks no English offered us ice cream and 2 slices of some smoked meat.



17 July - Papa – Balatonfüred - 64km

 Left Papa for the last stretch to the lake. Another blistering hot day and quite hilly as well. 



19 July - Balatonfüred – Badacsony - 48km

Another very hot day, could only manage to cycle half day, found camp and headed straight for the lake again.



20 July - Badacsony – Fonyód - 56km

Still debilitating heat, it took the entire day to cycle 35 miles, had to stop every 10 km or so for a beer, what a live.



21 July - Fonyód – Balatonszeme - 32km

At last a bit of a breeze, and the wind picked up and was quite strong by the end of the day, then suddenly it dropped again and back to paradise. 


The campsites, 20 in all around the lake, are all very well equipped all with access to the lake, shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as loads of entertainment, specially for children, waterslides, games, cable skiing, and paddle boats.



22 July - Balatonszemes – Siófok - 32km

This must be the closest place to paradise one can find.  Blue skies, luke warm water and no wind, no wonder there are so many tourists around the lake.  The lake shore is very shallow and excellent for just floating around.  Shops, restaurants and bars are scattered all around the lake, all adding to a great holiday atmosphere.



23 July - Siófok

I have now cycled around the entire lake and have decided on another day laying around and enjoying the sun.



25 July - Siofok – Budapest - 110km

A fairly easy ride, back to Budapest to pick up Romanian Visa.



27 July - Budapest – Kesckemet - 90km

A very pleasant and easy ride, nice and warm perfect for cycling, found a campsite in the centre of town, very convenient.



28 July - Kesckemet – Szeget - 65km

Another easy and flat day on the road.  Arrived in Szeget and what a beautiful town it is.  Town located on the river with an excellent campsite as well as a thermal bath!!! Now that is the way to go.



29 July - Szeget

Spent another day at the spa and why not?

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