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Thailand (Janice)


(15km - 6days)


07/03 – 12/03/2019


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7-8 March Sihanoukville – Klong Yai -15 km

We were out of time and bought a bus ticket from Sihanoukville to the Thai/Cambodian border. The bus left at 8 o’clock and we were ready to get going at an early hour. The bus did not leave until much later and, instead of dropping us in Koh Kong, it took us all the way to the border. Border crossings can be tedious, but all went well, and we were stamped out of Cambodia and into Thailand without any problems. From the border, it was a mere 15-kilometre cycle to Klong Yai where we found not only a room, but also an interesting night market.


The following morning, we located a Songthaew (a covered pickup truck with open sides and seats along each side) to take us to Trat. Janice was not feeling well and suffered from stomach problems (it must have been from the previous night's food). It was an inexpensive ride to Trat, and the Songthaew dropped us at the Trat bus station. From Trat, we could buy a bus ticket to Pattaya.


Janice was very ill, and as we had at least four hours to wait for the bus, there was not much she could do but try and lay down on the very uncomfortable bus station plastic chairs. Eventually, we were in a very comfortable bus to Pattaya. By the time we arrived in Pattaya, it was already pitch dark, but we managed to cycle the last 10 kilometres back to Jomtien Beach without any problems.


9-12 March -Pattaya

We were a day ahead of schedule and made good use of it. We slept late and then took a walk to the beach. Fortunately, Janice, by then, felt much better, and we could do the last-minute shopping, pack her bike and get ready for her flight back to Cape Town. Far too soon it was time for her to get going and, as always, it was sad to see my friend leave.



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