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Thailand (Linda)


(0km - 3days)


(15/10 - 17/10/2018)


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15 October - Mae Sot Bangkok by bus

After a slow start, we decided to spend the day in Mae Sot and take the night bus to Bangkok. This allowed us the entire day to relax and do whatever we wanted. I bought myself a new mobile phone as my old one had seen better days.


The ride to the bus stop was in the dark, always a scary experience. The bus left at 20h00 and it was 4h30 by the time we reached the Bangkok bus station. Although it was still pitch dark, we saddled up and headed into the city via a busy road, making for a somewhat hair-raising experience. Reasonable people might have had a cup of coffee and waited for daylight, but not us! We headed out in the dark and, fortunately, made it to the guesthouse in one piece.


16-17 October Bangkok

I was unable to sleep, even though I hadn't slept all night. In the end, I gave up, took a walk around the Khao San Road area, and took the bicycle to Bok-Bok Bike for a service. Linda packed her bags as her flight to the Philippines was at midday and so came to an end a delightful trip.


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