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Thailand (Tania)


(358km - 3days)


15/10 – 17/10/2017


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Day 45 – 15 October Koh Kong, Cambodia – Trat, Thailand – 108 km

After our usual bowl of noodle soup, we waved goodbye to Cambodia, crossed the river and headed for the immigration point at the Cambodian/Thai border. We were stamped out of Cambodia and into Thailand without any problems and continued on our way. We both still had Thai Baht and a Thai SIM card from when we left and there was, therefore, no need to draw money or get a new SIM card.


It was a beautiful stretch of road and soon we stopped for an early lunch. We turned off the main road and followed a small road through the villages, something that is always a pleasure. The road ran close to the coast and we stopped for a cup of coffee just to admire the view. Then it was back on the bikes and no sooner were we on our way and the threatening weather caught up with us. We donned our plastic raincoats and carried on cycling. Fortunately, the weather looked worse than what it turned out to be.


We made Trat at around 17h00, which in this part of the world is just before sunset (which is rather early at 17h50). After finding a room at Pop Guesthouse we were both starving so we set off immediately to the night market to get food.


Day 46 – 16 October - Trat – Klaeng – 135 km

After some discussions, Tania decided to give cycle touring a try on her own. It is an easy cycling stretch along the coast and only two days’ ride to Pattaya where we will meet and she can decide what she wanted to do next. I hopped on the bicycle and gunned it down the road before she could change her mind. I felt amazingly strong and pushed on.


My sister Amanda was arriving on 18 October and I had to be there to meet her. There was no time to waste and I cycled to Klaeng where I overnight.


Day 47 – 17 October - Klaeng – Pattaya – 115 km

I was up early, had a quick breakfast and was keen to get on the road. Fortunately, it was easy cycling and I was happy to cycle into Jontiem where I could offload my stuff, do my laundry and most of all have a very long and hot shower! After that I popped downstairs to the local pub where I had a few beers with my friends.


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