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15/10 - 22/10 2007


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Monday 15 October – Damascus - Amman

We took the bus from Damascus to Amman and with Leana’s bicycle and all our luggage it was quite a story. We arrived in Amman at 22h00 that evening where we stayed in the Palace hotel in downtown, and where we had to carry the bicycle and all our luggage up to the third floor as the lift was not working.


Tuesday 16 October - Amman

We spent the day on organizing a ticket for Leana back to South Africa as well as finding someone who could pack her bicycle in a box. Leana had to come back to apply for a new passport. We were lucky that there were still seats available on the same flight on which I was booked. After that was done we could start exploring Amman. Amman is built on 19 hills and about 60% of the population live and work in Amman. Jordan is more modern than Syria, but in my opinion not as charming as Syria. Places of interest in Amman are the Roman Theatre and the citadel.



Wednesday 17 October – Amman - Petra

We left for Petra where we stayed at the Mousa Spring Hotel.


Thursday 18 October - Petra

Spent the day in Petra - what an amazing place.


Friday 19 October – Petra - Aquba

We took the bus to Aquba. Again, the bus picks one up at the hotel. In Aquba the taxi driver was so nice he first took us to buy bus tickets back to Amman and then to the Dune Beach Village about 10 km outside Aquba. This is the only beach where one doesn’t have to pay to swim. We could not wait to get to the beach just to discover that all the locals swim in their clothes.


Aquba is 10km from the Saudi Arabian border and across the bay are Egypt and Israel.


After lunch we went into town where we watched the rugby match between France and Argentina in an English pub.


Saturday 20 October - Aquba - Amman

We went back to Amman via the Kings Highway. That evening we watched the rugby match between South African and England in a Irish pub near the Abdoun Circle. As expected there were not a lot of people in the pub, but a few of them cheered for South Africa. Well done to the Springboks!


Sunday 21 October - Amman

We spent the day doing our last shopping, took the bicycle to the bike shop to be packed and went to the Citadel.


Monday 22 October – Amman – Cape Town


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